Good Brochure Design Is…

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Your brochure speaks about your brand and your product. As a result, it is very important to design brochure, which not only contain all the required information but also present it in a way that impresses the prospective clients. In order to explain it further, I have listed the most important design tips below.

One of the most important aspects of brochure design is the use of engaging and powerful images, after all, images are elements that attract someone’s attention. I would suggest that at least one or two pages contain full size image, the more images, the more entertaining it will be for the potential client. The best way to explain your story or product would be with pictures. Pictures that speak a thousand words.

It is important to bear in mind that the average amount of time that a brochure has to interest the reader is 8 seconds. Relevant and engaging headlines can exacerbate this rate of interest and intrigue people to read on. Without the use of relevant and engaging titles and subtitles, the text is going to appear as ‘meaningless’.

There is no question that you have to use colors that represent your brand, however, if your company does not have a style book quite yet, use the colors that are closest match to your products. Don’t go crazy here, brochure is not a candy or Christmas tree, use colors with caution and keep in mind, more is not always better.

There are various types of papers available, matt finish, glossy papers, and many more. Think of your business and product, what type of paper would be the closest match to your product, if you’re selling kitchen tiles, you may want to go with glossy type or if you are in textile business, you may want to go with satin or matt finish to amplify the feel of your product.

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