How to Create Impressive Direct Mail Piece

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Direct Mail DesignMany businesses overlook the effectiveness of direct mail marketing and consider it a thing of the past. However, direct mail pieces capture a very specific response which is proven to be higher than email and ppc campaigns!  As with any marketing piece you use, the importance of best direct mail design is critical in creating an unforgettable and strategic piece. As your designer, I have a firm understanding of the elements comprised in a direct mail piece and bring the following four to your attention:

Always keep your design clean and simple.  Many feel the need to clutter it risking majority of your target audience will not read. Let’s be honest, people are lazy when it comes to reading advertising. A simple design will be more impactful and will have your intended customer looking for the call to action and visual impact.

Improperly designed direct mail pieces can cause your business more harm than good.  Not only will your potential customer just disregard your piece, but many times that poor design will be remembered and related to your business.  Hiring a professional designer will help put the odds back in your favor, and increase your chances that your potential customer will not only keep your direct mail piece, but will act upon it. Remember your direct mail piece must capture the attention of your potential customer and your graphic design artists will understand this and know how to accomplish that goal.

Tell your potential customer what they need to do next.  When you create a level of urgency, you instill a necessity to react.  Your call to action may be one of the most important pieces of information on your direct mail piece.  It is critical that you guide your audience to the next part of the sales process.  Using phrases such as Call Now, Only 20 available at this price, or Free gift when you register today, are all call to action phrases that are short, easy to understand and elicit a response from your customer, that they must act now.

Make your piece stand out from the crowd.  Using bold colors and best images will not only make your best direct mail design stand out in the sea of advertising received by your potential customer, but will arouse an emotional response from your audience, prompting them to consider the call to action.  The right colors and images will draw their attention!

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