What’s Important In Catalog Design

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Successful catalog design can create a desire for your products by appealing to your customers emotions. Your catalog can help you market your products in a distinct and effective manner, which in turn will increase your sales. Your products may be top of the line, however, if it’s not well designed, you will be limiting your potential. Your customers will make assumptions, so it is important that this communication tool convey your brand in the best way and quality. Designing a material that engages customers is the key.

Although many have turned to the internet to market their products, the catalog still remains an important marketing strategy. Great catalog design can generate more sales for your company and help separate you from your competitors.

Your content needs to appeal to your target audience, addressing their wants and needs.  Take the time to understand your audience and style your catalog accordingly. Using the right tone of voice, choosing the best images and choosing the right products will make your catalog interesting and enjoyable for the consumer, and will drive more sales.

Your catalog cover is what will tempt your customer to open it.  Your catalog cover design needs to be enticing and provide your customer with a taste of what is inside.  It must be attractive enough to appeal to them but not overpowering so to alienate them.

Design your catalog so your customers can shop easily.  Place products in a way that is easily identifiable to your customer.  Cramming products on a page does not showcase or flatter your product.  Place products so your most profitable or most appealing products are on the top outside corners, with stronger elements, for better results.

Be consistent with your look and feel across all media types, including your catalog.  Your catalog needs to be an extension of your brand, capitalizing on the key components that make your company stand out.  Your brand should create an overall feeling of trust, loyalty and credibility with your customers.  Your customers will recognize your catalog when designed in correlation to your store, your website, and other marketing materials.

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